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Linux - NTFS file System 인식및 사용

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# Linux create NTFS file System

리눅스에서 USB 드라이브(외장하드 포함) NTFS 인식 또는 포맷

> ntfsprogs 패키지 찾지 못할 경우 EPEL(Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) 설치

[root@master ~]# rpm -ivh

[root@master ~]# ls /etc/yum.repos.d/
epel.repo    epel-testing.repo

# ntfsprogs(mkntfs) 설치

[root@master ~]# yum install ntfsprogs

[root@master ~]# which mkntfs

# umount및 NTFS 파일형식으로 포맷

[root@master ~]# umount /dev/sdc1

[root@master ~]# mkntfs -f /dev/sdc1   >>   mkfs.ntfs -f /dev/sdc 동일 명령
Cluster size has been automatically set to 4096 bytes.
Creating NTFS volume structures.
mkntfs completed successfully. Have a nice day.